whaddya know, our professor stood us up on what was supposed to be our exam yesterday! we waited in vain...couldn't fight off our hunger anymore...until we were finally told that he wasn't coming. apparently he forgot about our exam. the disadvantage of letting one wait is making him lose the momentum for the expected event. first we grew impatient, then restless. then we thought about suing him for damages for lost time. imagine having wasted a day on nothing.

my friends had this on-the-spot decision of having a tequila sleepover, supposedly at my place at first, then ling offered their house. we were so hungry we devoured the early dinner served upon us by her kind mom which included lechon kawali, chopped green mangoes and tomotaoes with bagoong, and lumpiang shanghai.

ling's room is so organized and clean, i felt ashamed about my own room. she lent us these hospital scrubs-turned sleepwear (courtesy of her doctor bro) which were ours to keep, and then we watched "frailty" on vcd whilst taking turns drinking tequila in a shot glass. then we had a little chat and then they prodded me to spill the beans about my past lovelife turned sour, which i did since there was nothing else to talk about and we were trying to avoid the depressing topic about our exams.

ton, cess and me shared ling's bed; reeze went home just before midnight. then we woke up at almost 7am and skipped breakfast so we can all go home and take a shower.

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