was buying grocery this afternoon at SM and i noticed that the girl in front of me looked familiar. i thought--wow, she looks like that girl erning from that NU107 tv show strangebrew...and it turned out it was really her! she was with her mom and little bro. after they left, the cashier and bagger went, "sia yun! yung nag-iinterview ng mga magtataho..."

i knew her eyebrows looked familiar...she had fair skin, was short and was thin...she wore this pink striped sleeveless shirt and jeans...so casual. and she wore her short hair in a scrunchy.


on my way to the mall, i passed by two houses on our street and both were playing two towers on their vcd players, full volume.


finally saw the english version of "the ring" on vcd. sure they added some really innovative details, like the water flowing from the tv set, and creepier nightmarish scenes on the videotape itself...but i like japan's sadako better than america's samara. i mean, in the US version, the part where she crawls out of the screen was too quick...like she was in a hurry to scare the poor guy (and us) to death. in the jap version, her movement was slow but sure to get you yanking your seatmate. i liked the sadako storyline more.

horses? huh?

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