saw two towers today...woohoo!

wore my two towers-legolas shirt too, hehe.

i have come to the following conclusions:
1. the battle scene was so beautiful it made me weep....go TREES! err..."ents"...heheh.
2. i didn't know gandalf was a part-time exorcist.
3. legolas and me should go out snowboarding next winter...
4. i knew it was john rhys-davies a.k.a. gimli who did treebeard's voice...the latter sounded like gimli sedated...
5. hmnn...boromir's brother faramir is kinda cute...
6. gollum/smeagol should win an oscar! uhm...for best breakthrough performance by a CGI character! hmnn...who to pit him against...that elf dobie from harry potter 2 maybe?
7. whenever frodo rolls his eyes when the ring takes hold of him, i swear he looks like he's having an orgasm. haha.
8. the nazgul have a new mode of transportation--pterodactyls! cooool!

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