yup, still not feeling good. woke up at dawn because of this fever and i was unable to go back to sleep since then. so i decided to do some chores, change the curtains and pillowcases, etc. of course, i also took my tylenol.

it was also my cousin's birthday today, so i made spaghetti (of which i ate a lot) and menudo and bought a mocca roll at the mall. my aunt and i went there (at the mall) and we saw aiza seguerra signing albums and posters...she's become THIN! and then we bought some christmas decors .....aaaand this harry potter and the chamber of secrets panini sticker album! i just had to get it because i wanted to get tom riddle stickers...teeheehee. i remember i used to have care bears, pocahontas and toy story panini sticker albums! yey, yey i feel like a kid again...

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