ramadan shopping

went to divisoria today for some holiday shopping and whoooaaa...what a sight indeed! i have never been in this type of shopping mob in my life! apparently, everyone else decided to spend their day off at divisoria as well. you had to literally squeeze (ugh) your way through the crowd everywhere you turn, and most people were very rude in doing so, not minding that they were getting too physical with what little space you have for your own movement.

bought some christmas decors which i'll be bringing to new jersey, such as those capiz stars and sinamay trimmings. i also bought some harry potter socks for P20 each, i hope my cousins like them. the gryffindor striped socks look cool, i'm sending one to my friend in california. they also had slytherin socks, but i declined on those. i chose the blue snitch socks with stars.

hmnn, i also bought harry potter and the chamber of secrets playstation cd and lilo and stitch, each for P50. then a pirated version of the lord of the rings PC game for P200. can't wait to play these!

my pants were all muddied from all that walking we did outside the new divisoria mall. the weather was tres weird as it would shine so hot one minute, and then the rain would pour the next. the people outnumbered the public (and private) transportation that most of us had to walk our way back to avenida. took a quick shower when i got home. whew, what a day!

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