woohoo! i decided to have our touch simcard swapped for a smart 64K sim at the mall this afternoon, and i got a black lord of the rings two towers shirt with legolas on it!

was with my aunt then because she so wanted to see jolina magdangal who was there promoting her album. i only got to see her face from a far-off view at the food court. and of course, the place was brimming with people not just because of jolina, but also because there's a sale. it's not even the end of the month yet!

looked at the toys at toy kingdom and i bought a toy piano organ (P100) and a powerpuff girls inflatable hammer toy (P49.75) for my godchild denise. yay, now there's a gift underneath our christmas tree. i also put up a couple of wreaths for the living room and the dining area.

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