very surprising news i read in today's papers. was browsing through the metro section when i read about an AMA student found dead in the UP campus. when i saw the name james ireneo manzano, it struck a bell in my mind and i feared that it might be my friend ivy's friend's boyfriend james, the guy with the sixth sense. ivy tells a lot about her friends to me, and so i texted her if that name is the full name of the james she knows. and when she said "yes", i broke the horrible news to her. james died of stab wounds, and the news even said that he just broke up with his gf anne three days ago. now anne is ivy's direct friend. i looked up his picture from among those she sent me, and there he was, with some facial resemblance to his girlfriend anne. i wonder why and how he really died, and most especially, who did it to him.


watched harry potter and the chamber of secrets this afternoon. i think the guy who played tom riddle is cute. he's about my age in real life (24). hehe. i had to sit about 4 rows away from the screen because there were lots of people watching. i recognized draco malfoy's father, lucius malfoy, as that guy who played jackie chan's secret agent boss in the "tuxedo". with his long, flowy blonde hair, i'm suddenly provided with a glimpse of what legolas would look like when he grows old. hmmn, say in about another three thousand years?

speaking of legolas, smart is having another simswap promo. and this time, they're giving away free lord of the rings tshirts! i want the one with legolas on it! i wonder if they'll have enough stocks to last till nov. 30th.


bought one of those blinking celfone accessories that you attach on your unit, for only P50. i got a cute pink pucca design. i'm so not over these things. and i like pucca.

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