what we always look forward to every all saints'/all souls' day on tv is the halloween episode of magandang gabi bayan. it's cool how they go out of their way to actually tape reenactments in the very places where scary apparitions take place. i wonder if the actors get freaked out themselves in their costume, standing on the very spot where a white lady appears. sometimes they get creepy, unexplained stuff on tape too.


went to the mall this afternoon to have my sister's globe simcard activated for roaming. we also tried to look for the FHM 2003 calendar, but we kept seeing the cosmopolitan calendar featuring guys half-naked. i won't be buying THAT. hehe.

my sister and i shared this spontaneous laughing trip over this cheesy mosquito coil commercial. the tag line goes, "dragon katol. dragon kowng umusowk. lamowk siguradong teypowk."

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