all saints' day.

went to sm fairview this afternoon to buy ingredients for spaghetti, as that's what we intended to serve our departed relatives tonight with a rosary. my sister told me that sm fairview was that one other mall in quezon city which was targetted by terrorists. that's scary. and to think we thought we're safe in this little corner of the boondocks--i mean, we're far from the city! but then again, who can be safe nowadays? and also, wasn't it in balintawak where that bus exploded? that's near here...

they have tight security in cemeteries that they confiscate every sharp instrument, radio and playing cards. how can people chop off the weeds and grass from the tombs without those scissors and blades?


we're not sure if we already have classes on monday. wow, it's the second semester.

only seven days left till my sister flies to new jersey. she's going to have her globe simcard activated for roaming. but for it to work in the states, she has to use a tri-band celfone. we don't have that, but she's going to text us while in taiwan during her stopover. the lady at the globe center told me that taiwan is listed in zone 2 countries where dual band celfones can be used for roaming.


i'm interested in that FHM 2003 calendar with the three sexy starlets. gee, what does that say about me? haha.


i think i'm going to have some more of that spaghetti....

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