Was very exhausted from our trip to Makati yesterday to write it all down last night. My head felt really heavy and my lower extremeties felt hot from all the walking we did. First off, my sister and I took the MRT to Ayala to go to this travel agency at Perea St. so we can pay for her plane ticket to Newark. We skipped breakfast because we woke up a little late. It was my first time to ride the MRT beyond the Ortigas station. Wow, small world indeed, one of the employees in that travel agency turned out to be my schoolmate from highschool! At first, I sat right in front of her, but she seemed so busy that I turned towards another agent. Then when I looked closely into her face it suddenly struck me that she looked really familiar. A few minutes later, after watching her from a distance I realized that she was my schoolmate, and her name popped in my head: Olivia….Olive Arceo! She looked just like she did back in highschool, only with nice working attire instead of our school uniform. After some while, she came over and finally called my name, and I called her name too. I kinda freaked out for a few seconds for this unexpected, mini reunion before I apologized and composed myself again.

After the travel agency, we walked towards Greenbelt and had our lunch there. Then we walked towards Power Books and looked for anything interesting. I found this spellbook from the UK for five hundred bucks, then thought that I should be saving money for the books I’m going to use this semester. Hehe. It was so so hot. We must have walked into 2 National Bookstores and 2 Power Books yesterday. Makati is still a big world for me that I have yet to grow accustomed to. I finally decided to just buy this small book on graphology for P85.

At Tower Records, we bought some OPM CDs which were requested by our friend from Texas. We also bought the Ice Age VCD. Then we decided to go inside the Ayala Museum’s Diorama Display of Philippine History at the Glorietta, since my sister always wanted to visit the Ayala Museum. But before that, we ate some cuapao for a quick snack. I was in elementary when I last saw the dioramas! It was on a field trip. They decided to transfer the dioramas from the Ayala Museum to the Glorietta for easier access to the people, which is quite a smart idea. Bought some diorama postcards from the museum shop.

Meanwhile, I was sniffing like hell because of my cold. And then we walked around some more and dragged my sister inside the Lush store, so we can buy those ballistic balls we saw on TV. They had this “buy 3 get 1 free” promo, but we were firm in our decision to just buy two.

By this time, we were hungry again, so we ate at McDonald’s. I saw another schoolmate pass by outside, I’m pretty sure it was Nuevalinda Belleza. My sister recognized her too. I remember she did all these cartwheels during our P.E. classes. Then we looked around at the Gift Gate Gallery where we bought a couple of shoulder bags, for a hundred pesos each. It was already 5pm when we left the store, and we walked back to the MRT station and went home. Thank God there weren’t any bombs or bomb threats. Even when we were already tired, we still went to SM Fairview to buy the other CDs and a mocca roll as a birthday pasalubong to our uncle.

My body felt feverish when we got home. I definitely took a shower. What a long day it was.

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