red dragon day

what are the odds of having most of your friends wear red on enrolment day without any prior agreement to such a dress code?

what cosmic force made most of us pick that red shirt that we never wear often?

i thought my eyes were going to bleed if i saw another person with a red shirt...even our umbrellas were red...and it was so hot today...and to some slightly color-blind people, even boslao's fuchsia pink shirt looked blood-red.

and so we decided to create some significance to all this redness by watching red dragon. i swear, while we were waiting for a taxi, one old taxicab passed us by with the words "red dragon" written on its side. do you believe in signs?

anyway, one lesson i learned from the movie was this:

blindness is not a handicap for engaging in good.............FRIENDSHIP. hehe.

ralph fiennes looked really yummy in all his naked, tattooed glory. bwihihi.

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