saw my dentist today. he says that after 3 weeks, all my braces would need is maintenance, and then in 1-2 months' time, i can have them removed and get retainers! the downside though, is that i may have to wear retainers for years.

got to watch "jologs" on vcd over at my aunt's place. for a pirated vcd, the movie looks pretty clear! the story links together the jologs-y lives of each character, not necessarily in chronological order...but in a style which reminds me of this nescafe commercial--you know, the one which shows the scene before the one you just saw, and the one before that? i think diether ocampo was pretty cute as this cebuano guard whose japayuki girlfriend left him with her baby for japan. their lives find some common point at this fictional coffee shop called "barako cafe"....which i actually saw along quezon avenue. i thought it was a new cafe, and then i realized when i saw this movie that it was made just for that movie. the movie ends with all of them lipsynching to wency cornejo's "next in line."

the movie capitalizes on the theory of "six degrees of separation", that we are all somehow connected to one another in the great scheme of things. i kinda believe that.

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