it was rainy tonight, just like it was last night. i wonder what would become of me if it weren't for lingling who went out of her way just to drop me off at QCHall in her car. well, it was actually me and princess who got to hitch a ride. east avenue had flooded parts, thank god we passed through safely.

our cousin was an unexpected visitor in our house early in the morning. turned out he didn't go to work again so he decided to hang out all day here. what irked me and my sister was the fact that he didn't advise us beforehand of his arrival. and he didn't greet us when he entered our house...i had to come out of my room to greet HIM.

then a funny thing happened to poor shakira today. apparently she ate too much fishbone that a piece of it was buried in her gums....good thing i saw her drooling so i knew that something was wrong with her. with my cousin's help, we extracted the foreign object from her gums which made the process look like a dental extraction. haha. she's okay now.

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