after calling the smart customer care for the 4th time since yesterday, my prepaid card finally got reloaded into my celfone tonight. a network glitch lasting for two days has been very inconvenient for me. i was actually drafting a complaint for a damage suit in my mind. a damage suit for a P300 prepaid card. haha.

interesting things i learned in class today:
1. population control contradicts the divine plan (which is to "go forth and procreate") - my professor is of the opinion that the more kids there are in the family, the better chances there are of that family doing well in life.
2. family reunions are important (so you know who your cousins are and avoid ending up marrying them inadvertently)
3. the name scooby doo was derived from a certain mr. escobido. that's a joke, of course.

it was soooo hot today.

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