Dancing with Barbie Dolls

#DWTS Barbie dolls! Paso Doble & Waltz! $34.99 each! at Target!

"Oooh I wanna dance with somebody...I wanna feel the heat with somebody!" sings Whitney Houston.

Even Barbie is feeling the urge to dance...in the ballroom, no less! Spotted these special edition Barbie dolls at Target tied in with my favorite celebrity dance show "Dancing with the Stars."

Only serious Barbiephiles can afford to collect these at $34.99 each.

I would pick the Paso Doble Barbie if I had to choose between these two. The All-New Season of Dancing with the Stars returns on March 19th and I can't wait! Ballroom glitz and glamour as they descend on the spiral stairs! Who will I root for this season? I have a feeling they'll dance to at least one Adele song.

2 vandalized my wall:

Oman said...

Rumor has it :)

Gem said...

The Barbie at the left would dance to a hearty Tango, while the one at the right would do a Waltz. LOL.

But yeah, I agree. They cost a bit more.

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