Cupid's Candy Heart Cupcakes


Cinderella couldn't go to the ball, so she made cupcakes instead.

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all! Or as I call it, a day to indulge in chocolate packaged in many different ways heart-shaped or -hued.

Here are some lemon cupcakes I recently baked with pink frosting, red sprinkles and candy hearts for a Filipino religious celebration (Ati-Atihan Fiesta) in a jolly place called Jersey City. The pink cupcake wrappers were extra ones from my baby niece's first birthday party last year.

I had fun sorting out the cute messages on the candy hearts from this big bag I bought. "Tweet Me" is so social network-modern! I could have lined up the ones that said "Call Me," "Text Me" and "Tweet Me" to show the evolution of candy-fied sweet nothings. 

My personal favorite, simply, is the one that says "Smile." ♥

Dear Lord, just realized this is my first ever blog for 2012! #Twitterkilledblogging!

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