Thanksgiving Cake


Wow, my blog posts are becoming spasmic and far in between. I apologize, but I am still here. Mostly on Twitter nowadays, shamelessly exposing my love-sick lamentations and some random rhymes.

However, I present to you my latest cake creation for the recent Thanksgiving celebration!


I really wanted to sculpt a turkey figure out of fondant, but I was pressed for time since I was also doing the turkey stuffing and spaghetti for the Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up making mini pumpkins instead.

Some of the things I'm grateful for this year:

The gift of cake craft--and the means to afford it; for the sweet smiles I get whenever I bake it. For the gift of travel: the chance to see the world unravel! For the gift of dance, the chance to get on the floor; for all the wonderful reasons that make me love life more! But most importantly, for the love of family and friends...the real icing on the cake!

5 vandalized my wall:

lauren said...

Those mini pumpkins are so adorable! :) Love the cake--what's inside? Is it carrot or vanilla?

Kayni said...

wow...i want a slice :)

Oman said...

looks yummy :)

don't worry, dito lang kami. basta may cake :-p

witsandnuts said...

Nice colors! I didn't realize you were not posting regularly lately, but I'm updated with (and enjoying) your tweets, lalo na your Pacquiao - Marquez 'coverage'. Sobrang helpful for me cause I was in the office then. :)

fortuitous faery said...

Gracias, everyone! Lauren: It was sugar-free dark chocolate. Sinfully saintful! ;P

Wits: I feel so bad for not posting more on Miss Iggy's blog nowadays. I should get back to it sometime soon, hopefully. And I do enjoy live-tweeting Pacquiao's fights. ;P

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