Quebec: Je Me Souviens!

I was in Quebec last weekend for a cousin's wedding in the charming, "UNESCO World Heritage Site" City of Quebec, or Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec). We drove 9 hours to get to that French-Canadian region. It's my second time to be in Quebec, but it would be my first time to actually step inside the famous Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, as seen on the right side of this postcard which I mailed to myself. The hotel was where the wedding guests had cocktails and a dinner reception after the simple ceremony at nearby Notre Dame de Quebec Basilica.

It was like stepping into the setting of an old movie. I half-expected for my surroundings to turn noir et blanc (black & white), or at least sepia.

There were hors d'ouvres served on spoons and shot glasses. Tres fancy! (Fancois?) There was live music as we enjoyed the breeze from the St. Lawrence River just beyond the Terrasse Dufferin.

The after-party drinking session with the newly-weds, however, felt like a Quebecois version of the "Jersey Shore," the way most of them got risque from being too drunk. And when they found out that we were from Jersey, they kept chanting "Fist Pump!!!"

Pardonnez-moi, but I'm not Snooki. And I hardly watch "Jersey Shore" on our Panasonic home theater system.

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Four-eyed-missy said...

Beautiful postcard! I love the way you described the setting - I can only imagine...hehehe.
Have a nice weekend.

Postcards Crossing

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

It looks wonderful! I'd love to go back. I was there for a short time many years ago but all I can remember is the rain, and that I couldn't understand the French they spoke.

Kate said...

How lovely! btw, did you buy maple syrup? :D

Kayni said...

nice :) thank you for the pc.

fortuitous faery said...

@sheila: i guess the key is to learn french! but you'll find out that you can somewhat get by when you know a little spanish! :)

@kate: no, but i did get smoked salmon caught from the british columbian coastline of canada that's flavored with a hint of maple syrup at the duty free shop! sooo tasty (and pricey) i wish i got another one!

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to imagine what the place is like, as you said it looks like an old movie. must be very classy. i almost laughed out loud about the jersey shore thing. fist pumps? yea right. lol.

Photo Cache said...

quebec is on my list of must visit. still waiting for a good deal on travel. love to see q city and montreal.

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