Presto, It's Kresto!


I love grocery-shopping when in a different location. I like to see what local products are available, what brands the locals love to consume. Being a chocolate person, I brought home a small can of this Puerto Rican powdered chocolate called "Kresto."

Wish I was able to prop it on some rustic star furniture for a cuter photo, though.


I love the vintage cartoons on the label. It sure looks like Puerto Rican children have been enjoying this chocolate drink since the 70's, judging from the art.


Flavor verdict? Delicioso! It's akin to my own Ovaltine childhood, minus the granule-y texture.

What edible souvenir have you brought home from a trip which became your favorite?

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

i buy a lot of sweets too especially milk chocolates.

Sreisaat said...

Love ko rin ang chocolate drink! Kresto is a funny name, parang Bisaya hihihi. How are you FF?

fortuitous faery said...

kayni: i find myself buying a lot of kinder chocolates at duty free shops. :P

sreisaat: kresto actually sounds like a heart medication to me: "crestor." haha. i'm just keeping my double chin up nowadays, thanks for asking! :P

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