Rolling Pin-and-Cookie Cutter Container-in-One!

Plastic rolling pin with 9 cookie cutters inside! Just $7.99 @TJMaxx!
Have you ever experienced finding exactly what you're looking for at the exact time you need it? That's what happened to me tonight while browsing at one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx. See, I'm about to make my first Graduation Cake for my cousins' Graduation Party this Sunday and I want to buy a big rolling pin for the fondant. I ALSO need to buy star-shaped cookie cutters as I want to incorporate star shapes on their cake.

And this was the amazing product I serendipitously found! It's exactly what I need AND THEN SOME! A big rolling pin with 9 cookie cutters inside...one of them being a star shape! Wow! Thank you so much, Dear Universe! You read my mind and blew it away at the same time! (Only a fellow baking geek would understand how I feel.)

If there were wireless security cameras in that store, they would probably have seen me do my secret happy dance. It was only $7.99! And I was actually planning on getting an expensive Wilton-brand rolling pin and a start-shaped cookie cutter. This fabulous find saved me money, time and gas!

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Kayni said...

that's a great find. i just got myself a wooden rolling pin :), at marshall's.

lauren said...

that's so nifty! :)

Photo Cache said...

that's a great gift for my niece who loves to bake. gave me an idea for x'mas.

fortuitous faery said...

kayni: aha! did you know that marshall's, tj maxx and homegoods are sister stores? :P

lauren: it sure is! i love it!

photo cache: i hope you find one like this! :)

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