Dark of the Room


I am swept off my feet by the Panoramic Sweep feature of the Sony Cybershot DSC-W510 12.1-megapixel camera I recently bought for my mom. I wanted to get her a simple point-and-shoot digital camera for her week-long solo trip to Los Angeles on Sunday so she can easily take pictures and tote it in her purse. This was my pick as it already came with a 4GB Sony SDHC card.

I am a little behind with technology, (I don't use an Android phone) so you may already be beyond bewilderment by this photographic function. It's like having built-in 180-degree scopes in your digital camera!

Another thing that surprised me with this Sony Cybershot camera is that it doesn't use the exclusive Sony memory stick (MMC) as was the norm in its previous Cybershot models. (I was a loyal Sony Cybershot user) Those memory sticks cost a lot more! It's nice that they finally jumped in the SDHC format bandwagon for mass appeal. We have other expensive things to worry about, like say, gas prices!

So here is my first test shot of the Panoramic Sweep feature: a partial view of our little dungeon office from where I usually sit. The left corner is my co-worker's station, in front of her is a small window where people would stop by to chat or bug us with stuff. The fax machine and printer are to the right side.

Why didn't I get this before flying to Puerto Rico? (As if I needed another camera to the five I already had at the time!)

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Photo Cache said...

I'm behind with all this tech thing too.

I'm giving away some postcards for my 5th anniversary. Come and see.

Oman said...

very nice. my first point and shoot was a sony before i transferred to canon.

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