My two-tier graduation fondant cake with star imprints. No sleep!

 I am proud to present to you my first fondant cake which I built and designed all by myself!

This was a Graduation Cake I made for my cousins who graduated from high school and middle school. I stayed up ALL NIGHT to finish this cake! Rolling out the fondant and imprinting it with stars were the trickiest parts, while kneading the fondant and tinting it with colors were the most time-consuming.

But the result was definitely worth the trouble and received a lot of praises from potential future cake clients!

It all started from the chocolate cake base which I leveled and cut in half to put icing in the middle. This is a 10-inch cake which serves as the bottom tier. The top tier is an 8-inch cake of the same flavor.

Stacking the bottom layer of the hopefully 2-tier choco cake.

Next, I covered the entire cake with icing which would also serve as the "glue" for the fondant.

New Message

I used ready-made Wilton fondant which I laboriously kneaded and rolled flat with the new plastic rolling pin I got. Kneading fondant was like massaging a giant stress ball that sticks to your hands. I would rub vegetable shortening on my hands and mat to keep it from sticking to the surface.

Let's roll!

The star imprint was magical! Like applying tattoo to your cake!

Took forever to get the star imprint on the fondant just right.

With cakes, it's all about the details. Hence, I madea little diploma with ribbon out of fondant, too.

My little fondant diploma!

I used corn cob skewers as wooden dowels to support the cake tier. What's fabulous about fondant is that it gives your cake a clean, polished look and it doesn't smear or smudge in case you touch it, unlike regular icing.

Stacked the two tiers together! Finishing touches next!
I had the sudden urge to talk to my friend via conference call services when I finished the cake, but it was already 7AM and I haven't slept a wink!

5 vandalized my wall:

Kate said...

so cute! looks fun to make too :)

Kayni said...

i want a slice, please :)

upto6only said...

you made it perfectly well. galing. now can i have a slice to taste it :)

Wil said...

Cool, esp. the diploma/graduation hat.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, all!

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