Ziggy-Zig Cake!

Remember that wildly catchy song by the Spice Girls "Wannabe?" Part of that song's lyrics inspired this blog title, "I really, really, really, really wanna Zigazig Ah! (Whatever that means!)" Ziggy-Zig Cake, voila!

This is my latest baking experiment with a Wilton Ziggy cake pan I acquired from Ebay. It's so vintage, it's literally as old as I am! I love this comic strip character. He has changed over the years, but I prefer the way he originally looked.

My Ziggy Wilton Cake Pan Is As Old As I Am!

I made this Ziggy cake especially for my baby niece's 6th month. I'm proud of myself because it's the first time I used different colors of icing on the same cake. It's best to have white frosting on hand and a set of food colors. I scooped a certain portion of white frosting and mixed it in separate bowls with different food colorings to come up with orange and pink. Here is my niece admiring my oven-baked obra maestra:


Since Spring is just around the corner, we dressed her up in a flowery garb. Someday she might wear hip hop clothing if her dance-crazy uncle and aunt decide to teach her how to bust a move or two.

I used a butter-flavored cake batter but used vegetable margarine in the mix. This was how the cake looked like straight out of the oven:


Now smothered with colored frosting (pink and orange):


I drew in the outlines and facial features with Wilton sparkle gel icing, then sprinkled his shirt with round candy confetti, then outlined his thought cloud with Wilton two-colored tube of decorating icing.


So would you really, really, really wanna Ziggy-Zig bite?

4 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

Aw…I don't think I can eat that ziggy cake. It's too cute.

Photo Cache said...

really envious of those who can cook and bake.

Sidney said...

YES, I really, really, really want Ziggy-Zig bite !!!

Kate said...

i was watching a spice girls interview before and they said zigazig ah means "kiss" :D

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