Cupcakes in Bloom

My Flower Cupcake! With Leaves!
We brought cupcakes to cake decorating class and we learned how to make some icing flowers, which I thought was apropros for Spring!

It was actually tough making those leaves look leafy! And our practice mat had us making THREE types of leaves.

Holy Cupcake Swirls!
And I was able to make big icing swirls! It was a big deal for me personally. I've always been intrigued by icing swirls. I had used sky-blue icing color on these, which I thought ended up looking like the elegant, Tiffany shade of blue. It felt like putting whipped cream on a sundae.

Next Monday will conclude our course, and we're bringing a cake to decorate with flowers. How swiftly time does fly!

2 vandalized my wall:

Kate said...

I want :( huhuhu

Kayni said...

looks great :). i wish i can make those leaves too, but most of all, i wish i was there to devour those pretty cupcakes...lol.

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