Cupcake Connoisseur

Omg! Cupcake Keychain At Bath N Body Works! Pricey.
I may have alienated some of my blog readers by my continuous chronicling of all things confectionary.

My eyes light up whenever I spot cupcake-inspired merchandise....such as this cupcake keychain from Bath & Body Works. (They also have an itsy bitsy hand sanitizer that's cupcake-scented!)

Cupcake Bib!
And this cupcake bib! What a sweet little accessory for a birthday baby!

Desperate Cupcakes Book At Macy*s
"Desperate Cupcakes" book at Macy's. Cupcakes Gone Wild. Cupcakes in Adult Situations.

Ceramic Cupcakes Containing Cookies At Macy*s
Cupcake cookie jars! With cookies inside!

Cupcake Erasers & Favor Box At Michaels!
And Michaels has these cupcake items in stock! Cupcake erasers and cupcake-shaped favor boxes! Not in photo are their cupcake notecards.

I just got myself a cupcake apron, by the way. (Apron porn alert!) Now if they only had a cupcake-themed heated blanket, too...

3 vandalized my wall:

Photo Cache said...

the keychain is simply divine.

Kayni said...

i agree with photo cache. that keychain is so cute :).

upto6only said...

i love them all hehehe because their all pink :)

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