Litratong Pinoy #97: Karampot (Small Amount)

At a fishpond in my hometown in Capiz province in the Philippines last summer, a fisherman cast his net in the water, hoping to catch some fresh milkfish. It was high noon.

Alas, only a small amount was captured, but it was enough to feast on that day. Pulled straight out of the water...nothing beats fresh!

And we all know that fish is a good source of heart-friendly oils that help keep you healthy. Some people might prefer using sites like http://www.hydroxycut-reviews.com/ to learn about weight maintenance; but remember what the doctor always prescribes: a healthy diet and consistent exercise!

Kakarampot man ang bangus na nadampot sa palaisdaang ito sa aming probinsya, panalo naman kami sa pagkasariwa nito!

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Arvin said...

Bangus! Sarap isigang niyan lalo na 'pag mataba:D

Bubbles said...

The basic way is the best way to live, in the western world we just don't appreciate it enough because we don't have time :(

Sidney said...

Capiz is your hometown !
I always wanted to go there...for the aswangs;-)
Do you still have a lot of healers/witchdoctors in Capiz?

Kayni said...

I have marinated bangus in my freezer right now :). Sarap ng fresh bangus.

Photo Cache said...

the first image is quintessential phil country side postcard. galing.

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