Desiderata For Dessert (And How To Cook A Husband)

ZOMG! My Aunt Has A Vintage Cookbook! Love The Art!

I was amused to find this vintage cook book in my aunt's kitchen. It's been sitting there for a while, but it was only recently that I cared enough to leaf through it. It's so old, the cover's missing. My aunt says it was handed down to her by a friend a long time ago. My aunt and uncle treat this book like the Bible. (I borrowed it to scan and photocopy some pages/recipes I like)

Not only does it have recipes for Filipino and American dishes, it's also chock-full of everything else from household/kitchen tips to metric conversion tables, to "First Aid in Household Emergencies." However, there's nothing about eczema treatments.

What caught my eye was this page of random tips on kindness:

Also, "How To Cook A Husband" right below a recipe for the banana leaf-wrapped delicacy "Tupig," something I get to taste on the roadside when visiting Pangasinan province in the Philippines. The clever little piece seems to impose this archaic duty of the wife to please the husband in a manner that kitchen-bound women of yore would understand. A footnote would say it was originally published in 1910, more than a hundred years ago. I think the author might be secretly Hannibal-cannibalistic. Click image below to read entire article:

Did they ever care to write "How To Make A Sizzling Wife Plate?"

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witsandnuts said...

Wow, that's a rare find!

Kayni said...

how about "how to grill a husband"...lol.

lauren said...

This is really amusing. I think I would just leave out my salted husband in the sun to dry. Should work great with eggs and tomatoes. :P

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