Litratong Pinoy #93: Malamig (Cold)

NY Yankees-inspired Ice Cream! Definitely Getting It!

I love spotting prettily-packaged products at the grocery. Here's a cold and creamy case in point: Turkey Hill ice cream inspired by the NY Yankees! Being a fan of this baseball team surely made me buy this faster than you can say "Home Run!" Too bad the Yankees didn't make it to the World Series last year.

Even if I'm not an expert on adapexin reviews, I can definitely say that ice cream is a year-round favorite here in the States, even in this frigid winter! Turkey Hill also carries my favorite ice cream flavor: Birthday Cake! It has bits of colorful cake batter that makes it feel like your birthday!

But nothing beats Ube-flavored (Purple Yam) ice cream!

What's YOUR favorite ice cream flavor and brand?

Mamang sorbetero, tayo'y sumayaw!

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Dr. Emer said...

Parang commercial haha meron din plug-in na diet pills?? may bayad po ba yan

I love the subtlety :-)

eto po entry ko: http://siteseer.blogspot.com/2011/01/bucket-list-12.html

Happy LP!!!

Kayni said...

I have two favorites - ube and queso ice creams.

Dr. Emer said...

masarap kumain ng ice cream sa toronto pag winter --- hindi sya natutunaw!! haha

Kim, USA said...

Hubby and I love Turkey Hill and our favorite flavor is Butter pecan and black cherry, yum!!
Litratong Pinoy

Photo Cache said...

this is a neat find. i wonder if they have something like this over here. altho i've never seen this brand around these parts.

i vote for pinoy ice cream flavors too. walang tatalo sa ube at macapuno.

Sidney said...

Ice cream ! My favorite ! Anytime ! :-)

upto6only said...

ay cheese and vanilla ang gusto ko :) kala ko nung una turkey flavored ice cream hahaha.

kg said...

i can understand the craving for ice cream despite the cold weather! when i went to sagada before, it was so cold. despite that, i ate halo halo! he he!

my favorite ice cream in the whole world ay the mango ice cream sold by the manong ice cream in our village (dirty ice cream)and gelato from italy. :)

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