Kawaiiness For Kayni


My birthday wish for Kayni, my fellow East Coast inhabitant, is that her camera would capture all things colorful (like these cute plush celfone charms from Chinatown in New York, photographed in October 2010) every chance she gets; that her life be filled with all her favorite things: whether they be books, postcards, travel souvenirs, memories to cherish, but most of all, loving people to share precious moments with!

You know what else would be cool? That I would someday meet her in person. I have more luck meeting new people in Times Square of late!

My birthday isn't until September, so instead of my own birthday wish, how about my recent Christmas wish? Chronologically speaking, it may be (hopefully) granted well ahead of my birthday wish, which although unformulated at this time, will surely be similar to said Christmas wish.

Happy Birthday, Kayni! Nevermind that the Zodiac Chart recently went awry with "Ochiuphus," all signs should point to a wonderful birthday celebration!

Wanna join Kayni's Birthday Blog Giveaway? Lovely prizes await! You could be one of three lucky winners! You and ME hopefully!

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Photo Cache said...

this is a good take on the 'assignment'. now i have to think what spin i would put on my entry.

very good entry. love the image.

Kayni said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful wishes :). I hope your wishes come true.

upto6only said...

That is sweet wish for Kayni.

hmmm i have to make mine too pala :)

Sidney said...

Now that is cute !
Happy Birthday to Kayni !

Anonymous said...

i did join too! kayni is a sweetheart. i hope she gets all of her wishes come true! and ours too!

kg said...

naku, when i i went to the US, i also planned to meet up with kayni in the DC area. due to unfortunate events though, it didn't push through. sayang kasi i also want to meet kayni in person!

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