How Tweet It Is

Tweet Me: New Pick Up Line.

Nowadays, people say "Tweet Me!" to those they like instead of/aside from the traditional "Call Me!" If you met in a bar, you'd scribble the Twitter username of the other person on that piece of napkin prefixed by the "@" symbol instead of the usual phone number.

Times have changed. Just look at this social networking-inspired candy to illustrate my point. Twitter is really just an advanced form of texting in which shortened URLs and hashtags are part of the 140 character-conversation.

What to watch on Valentine's Day? Maybe another round of that "Mamma Mia!" DVD, a story which stemmed from the lack of paternity testing technology in that gorgeous Greek island. Thank heavens ABBA saved the day!

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Sidney said...

Is it already valentines day? :-0
Cute...makes me want to tweet ! :-)

Kayni said...


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