Stocking Stuffers For Artists


Inspired by Lauren's passion for calligraphy and Ging's newfound watercolor whimsicality, I scooped up these art tools from the stocking stuffer aisle at Michael's. Each set used to be $3 each, but it was on sale for $1.99 when I bought them, and I was able to use 40 % off coupons for each item. They each ended up costing only $1.27 each, except for the stamp and ink pad set, which originally was a dollar and became 64 cents after the coupon. Amazing, isn't it? 

The art tools manufactured by Royal Langnickel each come in a nice storage tin. The calligraphy set comes with three nibs to dabble your ink with! Until seeing Ging's art, I didn't know about watercolor pencils, so here they are in a conveniently portable set for me to try!

One of my New Year's resolutions should be that I would actually use them for something creative!

However, if cheap auto insurance quotes are more your thing, they won't fit in anyone's holiday stocking!

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Kayni said...

Oh, I love the calligraphy art set. I still have to pick up some stocking stuffers.

Bubbles said...

What a bargain... I always wish I had friends who were in to crafts as I see so many wonderful things that I want for myself but already have so much so don't buy anymore but sometimes there are such good deals on that its a shame I can't take advantage of it. I really need to craft more often.

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