My Grown-Up Christmas Wish


I have a yummy man for Christmas....only he's made of gingerbread!

I may be too old for Santa, but it doesn't mean I'm too old to be making Christmas wishes. They say "ask and it shall be given to you." Christmas, like one's birthday, is one of those special days of the year when your wish has a greater chance to actually come true. And they say you should be as specific as possible. Otherwise, the universe will give you something vague.

Like when I always wished to "work in Manhattan." I got that wish in August when a lawyer friend suddenly needed someone to man her office when she went on a two-week trip to Australia. Her regular, bilingual secretary was away as well. I jumped at the opportunity. Although I loved being in Manhattan everyday, I grew mind-numbingly bored since I was all alone in her office and all I did was answer the phone and relay messages to her via email. It was mostly clerical. I felt unchallenged. It was easy cash for a two-week gig, but it was something I didn't want to do again. Money shouldn't be the main concern, but unfortunately, money is essential to keep on living. I could have easily replaced her regular secretary if I could fluently speak Spanish, but I can't. So note to self: must add Spanish proficiency to my New Year's Resolutions.

"So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!" asked the Spice Girls and the Universe. I looked deep in my heart and saw that what I really, really want is to work in a place that lets me express my creativity in arts, photography, words, and most of all, lets me travel to different places. American Greetings, Travel Channel. Dream workplaces. I don't have formal degrees in any of those fields, though. But I do have genuine enthusiasm in them. Sometimes, enthusiasm and sheer talent can land you that dream job.

I don't know how it's going to happen given my circumstances, but that's the kind of job I wish to have. And I'm sure Santa reads blogs nowadays, so I'm beaming this wish to cyberspace. An added wish: please let my eyes spot the opportunities that may be disguised in seemingly unrelated things.

This is my grown-up Christmas wish.

P.S.  Please let that job be decent-paying and provide ample health insurance, too. :)

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plaridel said...

happy holidays! you write well. have you tried freelance writing? maybe crickette can give you some tips. she's a fellow blogger. she's a dentist in the philippines making money writing on the side. check this link:


Oman said...

i feel you in this post. after quitting my well-paying job in the province, i am now finding it a challenge to look for an ideal job here in the metro.

here's hoping for more blessings and a decent (if not a dream) job in 2011.

happy new year.

Unknown said...

my job has the requirements of your dream job. but on the flip side, there's politics, long hours, hard to please clients, sales targets, etc. a long time ago, i wished for a dream job in advertising and m wish was granted. but when i was already there, i found out it wasn't such a dream job after all.:p

here's wishing you all the best in the New Year!

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