Santa's Dishwashing Liquid?

Festive dishwashing liquid bottles!

You know the holidays are coming up when you see ordinary household items dressed up in festive packaging! Take this Palmolive dishwashing liquid, for instance! No matter what fragrance you choose, your dishes are sure to become squeaky-clean, merry and bright! Well, with all the pigging out that's sure to happen, some people might be looking to lipofuze reviews for figure salvation. And the dirty dishes need serious cleaning!

This pretty product was just at the supermarket. When I went to Bath & Body Works, it looked like Santa's Workshop! Their signature collection was all sparkly and gift-ready! Merry Shopping, indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Weird that a shampoo brand here in Pinas, that is Palmolive, is actually a dishwashing soap there. I guess that will make plates and sponges squeaky clean hehe.

Btw, did you say u went to Bath and Body works???

fortuitous faery said...

Yes, Mona, there really is a Palmolive dishwashing liquid. There's also a decadent chocolate brand here called "Dove!"

And yes, I went to Bath & Body Works. :)

Unknown said...

ooh! Cute! :-D

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