Hilfiger Holiday

This high-end holiday commercial by Tommy Hilfiger uses a song that's also in another holiday commercial by Honda. I like how they all look so perfectly prim and preppy, then they dine together in a pull-out table from a truck outdoors. When you're as fashionable as them, it's hard to imagine them thinking of scalp eczema treatment apart from their "Feast Interruptus."

Meanwhile, our Thanksgiving Dinner(s) were a Feast Continuous!

3 vandalized my wall:

Kate said...

Did you guys have Turkey? Belated Happy Thanksgiving :)

Kayni said...

my thanksgiving was all filipino food :). happy belated thanksgiving! i'm ready for the holiday sales.

Oman said...

cool video. dito sa pinas walang thanksgiving eh haha pero everyday kasi pinagpapasalamat natin.

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