Snapshots From My Schnapps-less Oktoberfest


The other weekend, my sister and I took a peek at an Oktoberfest event in a nearby town held in a place called "Germania Park." My family had gone to Germany two years ago without me. They went back with stories of how water is more expensive than beer over there. An Oktoberfest would be the closest I can get to Germany for now.



German music, dancing, and costumes.


My sister felt that we were the only Asians among the 'fest-goers. I pointed out an Indian girl in the crowd before we left. Would there have been someone out there who knew about 5th wheel insurance? That, I didn't know.


This ad looks tempting, but since my sister couldn't drink anything alcoholic due to her breast-feeding status, I passed on the drinks as well. No schnapps or anything with sauerkraut.

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witsandnuts said...

Though I don't drink, I wish there would be an Octoberfest here, too. Ooops, I hope I won't be deported by saying that.

Photo Cache said...

I sometimes go to festivals without partaking of food - only to take photos. That would be enough for me.

Sidney said...

You should have tasted the beer !

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