Pop-Tarts World Is Becoming Popular!


Last August, I spotted the newest novelty store near Times Square: Pop-Tarts World. If you're a fan of this flavorful toaster-activated breakfast pastry, then you should visit its shrine in New York City. It's just along 42nd St. I'm not an authority on P90x reviews, but I'm better off reviewing Pop-Tart flavors!


Inside you'll find a Cafe with different desserts inspired by all things Pop-Tarts...such as Pop-Tarts ice cream and even Pop-Tarts Sushi! I have yet to sample anything from their delicious-looking menu, though!


I know Pop-Tarts is best enjoyed warm from a toaster, but I actually don't mind eating it straight from the pack!


The Pop-Tarts Varietizer is a fun machine that lets you choose which flavors you want in a souvenir box. There's always a queue here! Right now they have seasonal, limited edition flavors such as Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread.


And you can wear your Pop-Tarts love with these customizable shirts, too!

Stay for a little while and you get treated to a brief light-and-music show inside the store! Since I can get Pop-Tarts at our local grocery store, I simply bought a few Pop-Tarts postcards to pop in the mailbox.

What's your favorite Pop-Tarts flavor?

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Bubbles said...

I remember as a child pop tarts being quite popular and then there was the huge press about people/children burning themselves because they were too hot. They still sell in shops but only 2-3 different flavours and I've never seen an advert since.

Photo Cache said...


nice facade though.

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