So yesterday afternoon, I had a freak accident just outside my sister's apartment building when I tripped on uneven pavement as we were walking towards the car. I was reaching for the car keys in my coat pocket when something blocked my shoe while my feet kept pacing. Next thing I knew, I was falling sideways on the grass with my hands instinctively planting themselves on the ground for support. The impact was all on my vulnerable arm, the one with the previous shoulder dislocation. My sister, who was walking behind me, got a good vantage point of my fall.

My camera hanging around my neck also came tumbling down with me. Thankfully, I didn't break or twist any bones, nor did I hit my face or skull in a manner that would make acne remedies inappropriate. My hands did suffer from scratches from grazing against the gravel. Now my right arm feels sore, like it swam multiple laps in a pool by itself. Mobility is okay.The grass helped to somehow soften my forceful landing, as well as that of the camera. The lens cap did pop off, though.

We went on to celebrate my sister's boyfriend's birthday at a Puerto Rican restaurant last night. On hindsight, I thought, if the camera got badly damaged from the accident, at least it's replaceable. Human body parts would be far more costly. And if we had to sue the apartment building's owners, that would be such a hassle, too. My case would be a Torts/Personal Injury case if ever.

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Sidney said...

Get well soon !
That is very unfortunate... but Sh*t happens :-(

Kayni said...

feel better. we all fall - sometimes :)

fortuitous faery said...

Thanks, Sidney & Kayni!

Jeffrey F said...

Thank you forr being you

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