Make Mine Minado


There was a tornado watch in our county on my birthday. But thankfully, we didn't end up in Oz. Instead, we celebrated indoors at my favorite Japanese Buffet Restaurant, Minado.


It had a broad spectrum of sushi plus other Japanese food made fresh from a kitchen visible from behind the serving section.


Well at least, it's the prep area that's publicly visible.


Oishi Sushi!


I should let you know that the kitchen crew at this Japanese restaurant is mostly Hispanic. I don't mind at all. I was there for the food!



And my sister gave me this raspberry walnut cake from Viking Bakery to make a wish on. I wonder if eating too much nuts would necessitate acne pills in the long run? I thought it was funny that the cake had "Viking" written on it. It definitely emphasized the fact that I ate like a Viking that day.

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Kayni said...

wow...everything looks good. i'm glad to hear your birthday went well. we also got a ton of rain here, and the roads were flooded on my way home.

happy birthday.

Kate said...

That cake is so funny! Before reading the description I was thinking "why Viking kaya?" :D Yummy food+cake+family = great birthday :) Happy Birthday again!

Sidney said...

I love sushi !

Oman said...

oh wow. i totally dig japanese food. ang sarap naman lahat.

Bubbles said...

Happy Birthday, it looks like you had a fantastic time. I've never tried japanese food but it always looks so good in photos

Sinta said...

Loving the sushi :) Glad there was no tornado on your birthday. Although that would've been interesting! Thankfully it only rained raw fish ^_^ Heheheheh. x

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