Litratong Pinoy #88: Ingay (Noise)

I was lucky to catch the local festival in my hometown in the Philippine province of Capiz last May. It's called the "Tagbu-an Festival." The name comes from the local dialect's root word "Tagbo," meaning "to meet." Since my hometown is by the sea, most people are fishermen. The act of welcoming back fishermen with their catch of the day is called "Tagbu-an." Of course, what are festivals without merrymaking noise from happy townsfolk, such as these charming little banduria-playing girls?


And there were beautiful dancers in vibrant costumes, too! They all looked so young, I wondered if I should be shopping for the best wrinkle cream around.


There was a street-dancing competition in which dancers from different "baranggays" or town boroughs interpreted the same folk song. They were judged according to costume, choreography, and overall presentation.


Here's a short clip of a group's dance interpretation:

I looooove fiestas! They're loud, fun and delicious!

Halina't makiusyoso kayo sa piesta namin sa Pilar, Capiz! Maingay, makulay, at masaya!

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Kayni said...

i love the costumes and the dancing is so fiesta talaga :). ang saya.

silentprincess said...

Mukhang ang saya-saya ng Tagbu-an Festival sayong probinsya.. Happy LP!

Marites said...

ay, ang kyut nila! gustung-gusto ko ang ganitong mga piyesta..makulay, masaya. maligayang LP!

witsandnuts said...

Gustung gusto ko rin ng mga fiesta. Makulay at masaya. :)

Halie said...

Ang galing naman ng mga girls na tumutugtog ng bandurya.

If you have time, do drop by:

Banda Rito-Banda Roon

Unknown said...

nami-miss ko na ang mga festivals na ganito. cute ng mga banduria nila.:p

christina said...

ang cute nila, hindi halatang maingay hahaha!

Happy LP :)

upto6only said...

ang galing ng mga bata. at ang ganda ng mga costume nila.

Sidney said...

Nice fiesta !
I still need to see this one !

agent112778 said...

tag capiz ka pala, ang yummy daw ng seafood jan

speaking of banduria, malapit na ang pasko at dadating na ang mga batang magkakaroling sa amin na taga children center. mag babanduria at sasayaw sila

eto ang aking LP entry

Bubbles said...

Thanks for sharing this its so amazing to see what other countries do and to see the traditional type of clothes too :). It looks so much fun.

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