Sunny With A Chance Of Pink


Yesterday, I wore these sneakers with pink shoelaces to the 9th Annual St. Clare's Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. I first joined this fundraising event last year.


My team, PNA-NJ of Morris, a group of Filipino nurses and their kids, raised around $1,500 in donations this year. We walked in memory of one of our dear nurse-friend's mother, Lola Elena, who passed away due to breast cancer.


We had a team mascot, this huge black dog which also wore a pink shirt. His (yes, it's a "he") name is Wookie.


This other team's ballerina dog stole the show, though. She's TUTU cute!


There was a big guy with a bright pink sombrero on. I suddenly remembered I had a pink hat from Antipolo City and regretted not wearing it that day.


This bear is ready to party with pink!


  "America runs on Dunkin'." That day, America, or at least New Jersey, walked on pink Dunkin' donuts.


Pink balloons! This team's table was overflowing with goodies. They even gave away loot bags filled with health stuff like pain tablets, fiber, toothbrushes, and condoms. Not sure if they had biotin supplements, too. No wonder, the team was led by a female doctor.


Somewhere along the 5K walk around the Rockaway Townsquare Mall complex, I spotted this mom and baby clad in pink. I immediately thought of my niece. Next year, she would be big enough to join the walk.


Cheer like an Eagle! These girls kept us walking on.

The weather was perfectly sunny. We did have to endure an autumn chill early that morning, though. The walking did help to break a good sweat by the end of the walk.

We were considering other names for our team next year. We were debating between "Team Bagel," "Team Turon" and "Team Pancit!" Haha.

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Bubbles said...

We have race for life here but I've never taken part even though I'd love to one day its such a good cause and fromy your photos and others I've seen its always a fun get together but also a sad one in remembering those that we have lost.

Kayni said...

i love pink...and lovely pink donuts :)

Sidney said...

Looks like a fun and colorful event for a good cause !

witsandnuts said...

Pink stuff always remind me of Legally Blonde the movie. :)

Sinta said...

What a great thing you and your team did for a worthwhile cause :) Loving your pink laces! And I vote for Team Pancit! :D

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