Paparazzi Aunt


That's what I've become eversince the day my niece was born. That was the day I believed in "love at first sight." I started making baby announcements the very next day, right in my sister's hospital room. I love mailing stuff, so this task was hardly a chore for me. I had to share this wonderful news to family here and abroad. Hey, not everyone's on Facebook!


My mom is loving grandmotherhood. I gave her this picture frame last Sunday, as it was her first ever Grandparent's Day celebration (an American holiday). She is an avid fan of the Filipino telenovela "Agua Bendita." Apparently, one of the lead characters there called her grandmother "Wowa," an affectionate variation of "Lola." Therefore, that's what she wants her granddaughter to call her.


My niece's name is Adrianna, by the way. Her parents named her after that Victoria's Secret model, Adrianna Lima. Babies are so blessed to not have to worry about body acne for a long time yet. Little Adrianna has plump lips which she got from her mother and long eyelashes which she got from her father.

You can bet that the baby aisle is now regularly part of my shopping itinerary.

5 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Held hands... so heartwarming!

Kayni said...

i love that photo with the baby's tiny hands.

Sidney said...

You got a very cute niece !
Great picture with the fingers.
And you mother doesn't look like a Lola... bata pa !

Bubbles said...

My niece is now 1 and a half years old and everyday she does something new and hilarious, you will capture so many fantastic moments and you will see so many items you want. Have tonnes of fun :)

upto6only said...

perfect capture of your niece holding hands with your Mom. Oh and your niece has beautiful hands and nails :)

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