9/11, 9 Years Later

My friends and I visited the Ground Zero Memorial in downtown Manhattan last July.


It's hard to believe it's been nine years since the tragedy occurred.


My sister and I were fortunate enough to have climbed the top of the World Trade Center just three years prior to that incident. It was our first trip to the United States, too. Life was simpler back then. People weren't hooked yet on gadgets prefixed by "i", much less iPhone 4 accessories.


There's a heavy shroud around your heart while staring at these badges which once belonged to the first responders who lost their lives on that infamous day.


May this nightmare never befall any nation ever again.

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Sidney said...

Yes...it looks like yesterday...I guess you can't forget such events.

kg said...

when i went to ground zero, i sensed a certain eeriness, a sad eeriness.

i still remember that fateful 9/11 years ago. i watched the whole scene on TV. sad, sad.

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