So I finally took the DSLR plunge and ordered a Nikon D3000 from Amazon.com recently. The free shipping and 6-month-no-interest financing offer convinced me further. Three major reasons prompted me to this photographic purchase:

  1. Any moment now, my sister will give birth to a baby girl--I'm an aunt-to-be! And I will be that shutterbug type of aunt who will keep snapping away. I already have a Baby Memory Book ready to be filled with photos each month until the baby turns a year old.
  2. This camera is my early birthday gift to myself. 
  3. I want to take my love for photography to the next digital level. I want to challenge myself to take better pictures. The price tag alone should keep motivating me. Haha. Seriously, though, I would like to consider it an investment.
I named the camera "Nikita," partly derived from the Nikon name brand, but more greatly influenced by this billboard I saw in New York City while test-shooting the camera for the first time. It was a convenient christening coincidence. Plus it rhymes with Chiquita, the banana whose stickers I'm obsessed with. Nikita's a keeper.


I smiled when I saw that I was like the other tourists in NYC toting huge cameras around their necks. I didn't mind the weight at all.


Rush hour inside Grand Central.


I know the resized photos don't do justice to the actual resolution, but you get the picture. Literally. I'm going to have to explore the features and settings that Nikita has to offer.

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Kayni said...

all the best with Nikita :).

do you know that whenever i eat Chiquita banana i peel the sticker and stick it on my work desk...lol.

Kate said...

what a pretty name :)

btw, i also collect fruit stickers :D

Photo Cache said...

Congratulations. i think it would need another year before i can bring home that eyecandy of a Canon EOS that i've been making beautiful eyes with.

Share your first photos from Nikita.

fortuitous faery said...

kayni & kate: it's nice to know i'm not alone in my fruit sticker obsession! haha.
photo cache: soon, your coveted canon EOS will call your home hers too! the photos i posted on this blog entry are some of the first test shots i did with nikita in NYC. :)

witsandnuts said...

You've got a new buddy. I like her name. Have fun exploring the digital features!

Sidney said...

Congratulations... but poor baby...

"until the baby turns a year old"... once he is 1 year old you will not take any pictures of him anymore ? ;-0

kg said...

here's to many great pics!!! :)

sana you can share your pics ha!

Marites said...

I also took the DSLR plunge too a few days after you bought yours but I bought the Canon 550D. Funny to read your reasons because 2 of them were my reasons too. Anyway, have fun with the new baby in your family.

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