Taste The Rainbow!


We were lucky to have experienced "Taste of Chicago" for the first time last month. This annual summer food festival lets you sample the best that Chicago has to offer in either "taste" size or meal size! It's a theme park for your taste buds! It runs for ten days until the Fourth of July weekend. You pay for tickets and the food is priced according to tickets! For example, this Rainbow Cone sampler is worth four tickets.

The Rainbow Cone won me over in the dessert category. It's an icy-sweet fusion of different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, pistachio and orange sherbet. It gives you this delicious sensation of having the rainbow melt in your mouth!


It was so good, I got a second one at the end of the day. I figured I should think about the best fat burners some other time! It helped that we walked off what we ate when we went to Navy Pier from here.

The trick to getting the most out of this event is to pick just the "taste" portions so your appetite has room for everything else!

Will post more tasty snapshots from this event soon!

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Kayni said...

that looks so good...been craving ice cream and yogurt for the past few days now.

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