More FIFA-Inspired Murals


As promised, here are more of the paintings celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2010 featured at the Port Authority Bus Terminal Building on 42nd St. in NYC. I already showed you the Japanese one. Some tourists would pose by their native country/favorite soccer team for pictures. Hey, isn't that a vuvuzela he's blowing?

Now we know that the final showdown is between the Netherlands and Spain. There were too many country-specific murals that my nearly full memory stick could bear that day, so I only chose a few.


Switzerland really does make you think of Swiss knives. And chocolates. And fine watches. And banks.


This must be inspired by some traditional Portuguese dance. Otherwise, I thought it was Russian.


France to the left, Australia to the right. Kangaroo-clad football players look dorky. Arrgh, just above the French mural is the Dutch one. Gotta love the Three Musketeers parody painting, though.


"Olsen's Eleven" above is Denmark, the one below it is United Kingdom.


And finally, one of the final contenders for the 2010 World Cup, Spain, embodied by a Matador with the words "Red Fury" emblazoned on his cape in Spanish. One of the bloodthirsty bulls is Germany, which we all know Spain just defeated.

If I were more physically active like these football players, my body would reward me with visibly quick weight loss. I need to lose all that weight I gained from the Philippines!

To view the complete set of FIFA murals, click here. These murals were created by AMI Collective for ESPN.

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