Precinct Count Optical SCAM?

Nearly a month after the first automated nationwide elections in the Philippines, the vote canvassing still took forever, like it usually did back in the old-school, non-automated days. I've gone to a wedding, Boracay beach, a town fiesta and various family reunions and we still don't know who the Vice President is. The special computers used for the recent elections, namely the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machines, are now plagued with controversy and suspicions of widespread election fraud.

Were the flash cards used instruments of flash fraud? Some things just never change. Or rather, some things just get "upgraded" and technologically enhanced. Let's not forget that the infamous "ILOVEYOU" virus had its wormy origins in the Philippines, wreaking havoc in computers around the world ten years ago.

If this so-called Third World country can destroy the world-wide-web, what's that compared to a mere archipelago-wide elections? Meanwhile, all the citizenry can do is wait, cross our fingers, and pray that the computers finally spit out the truth.

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