Mikasa Es Su Casa

Sometime last month, my friend and I had the privilege of meeting Gingmaganda's family in her home in Cainta. I've followed her blog even before I invited her to the Miss Igorota Sisterhood so I'm already somewhat familiar with her family's faces. Stepping into the house the address of which I've already memorized from years(!) of sending her postcards was like arriving at a tourist destination. Even meeting Piggy got me starstruck.

I met Karl for the first time (sitting at photo above) who sounded like a Philosophy professor. He was busy studying Rick Astley's dance moves on Youtube and the many variatons done by other people. I had no idea how much joy a tiny box of Peeps marshmallow chicks can bring, but Ging squealed to confirm that.

The cameras arranged in the photo above are all mine, which I lugged around in a huge bag. It's so big and bulky you'd think I also have a spray disinfectant in there.

I tested my new Fuji Instax Mini inside Ging's household, and these were the results that preserved that night of Jejemon madness. It's such a fun camera that fills the gaping void left behind by Polaroid.

We feasted on pinakbet and barbecue, among other tasty delights, served on heirloom-quality, vintage Mikasa plates owned by Ging's mom. Ging's parents were so cool and even opened up a karaoke session after dinner. Me opening up my repertoire with an Abba song didn't quite get Karl's approval. However, it was a Jejemon night to remember with the most Iggy sisters in attendance to date!

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Kayni said...

wow, i saw the photos...looks like a great meet up. it's good to finally meet the Miss Igorota Sisterhood. i was quite intrigued with this since i am Igorot :).

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, kayni!

witsandnuts said...

Wow, that's a lot of cameras! (Liked the colors). I have a penfriend during highschool and we were exchanging stories about ourselves and families and when we finally met during college, it was exciting to personally meet the persons we always mentioned in the snail mails.

gingmaganda said...

love na love ko talaga yung mga platong yun! bata pa lang ako tuwang-tuwa na ako sa pattern na yun. but i just realized nao na magulo pala siya gamitin for eating. the patterns are too bold and lumalaban sa hitsura ng pagkain. hahaha

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