Who Let The Lights Out? (Who, Who, Who, Who?!)


Philippine politics takes one big leap into the future by using the controversial and expensive PCOS machines in its first ever automated nationwide elections. What an exciting time to be in the Philippines. However, some things never change. Like mysterious power outages on the eve of elections, and on the day of elections itself. Such was the case in our area. Electricity vanished at 5:30AM today and was restored by MERALCO only six hours later. The heat was truly on: both literally and politically speaking.


They say a couple of birds got caught in the power source. Because of this brownout, the poor PCOS machines in our precincts had to run on batteries. Apparently, the machines can't operate continuously on mere batteries, causing intervals of shutdowns, pissing off scores of voters in the process. A popular Beastie Boys song comes to mind.

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Kayni said...

interesting. i've been reading the news about the election and sounds like your story is similar to other places too.

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