Pore Your Eyes Only

It may sound weird, but this Greek bust at the Met Museum in New York reminded me of blackheads...only it's the holes in his/her hair that did it. And we all know blackheads don't exist in hair strands.

I had my first facial in the Philippines two years ago which involved a rather uncomfortable treatment for blackheads. Let's just say it was a method which involved a lot of squeezing and squashing. They had a fancy term for it: unclogging the pores. Well, after that ordeal, my skin did feel unclogged yet sore; and it seemed my face was an unearthed landmine with holes as big as the ones on this sculpture's head.

Alternatively, the hair looks like a well-populated beehive.

3 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

You need to suffer to be beautiful ;-0

Kate said...

what a funny thought :P

Anonymous said...

those are huge ones if ever LOL when i had my first facial it was so painful! i really did not have to wonder much why i did not feel pretty after. LOL

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