Gee, Your Angelhair Smells Like Giada's

Giada Dilaurentiis for Target. Cookware, pasta and dressing.

Can you smell what Giada's cooking? The Food Network star with the dazzling smile is out to charm your aprons off at Target with her "gorgeous kitchen gear" and pasta products. If you ran a 1-lb. box of spaghetti noodles under a Symbol LS2208 scanner, it's $1.67. What's so special about it that it's priced like that? Well, it's made with whole grains. Oh, and the gorgeous Giada is gracing the carton, of course.

Will my food turn out "gorgeous" when I use her kitchen tools? It's the cook, not the cookware.

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

i've always thought giada's teeth were a bit big, but she sure can cook :).

Sidney said...

She is beautiful...I don't care if she can cook ;-)

witsandnuts said...

I liked the way it's advertised as "deliciously priced".

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